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Soft-furnishings Specialist in Johor

Our goal is to preserve customers’ furniture fabrics and save them from the cost of replacing their furniture fabrics such as carpets, sofas, car seats and even mattresses – CleanGo® services are save money, energy and our customer’s time, this is because each laundry service will go directly to the customer’s location and carpet cleaning on our premises.

Professional Deep Carpet Cleaner in Johor

CleanGo® brings perfection and automation to fabric cleaning services for your company seamlessly. 

CleanGo® - Commercial


Deep Clean Services :

CleanGO - Carpet Cleaning Pickup Return


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CleanGO - Sanitize Disinfect

Sanitize Disinfect

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CleanGO - Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

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CleanGO - Car Cushion Cleaning

Car Cushion Cleaning

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CleanGO - Office and Mosque

Office & Mosque Cleaning

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CleanGO - Chair Fabric Cleaning

Chair Fabric Cleaning

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